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HomeBuilderShowroom.com Sues Builders
Article from Chicago Builder/Architect Magazine

Article from Building America's Dream
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The site for new home "Standards & Extras On Line"

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Chicago, IL - Anyone who has ever bought or built a new home knows how time-consuming, confusing and inconvenient the selection process for "standards and extras" can be. Buyers can spend hours in model homes with builders, salespeople and decorators making decisions. They can spend days going from one supplier to the next looking for tile, door knobs, appliances and even the kitchen sink; hoping it will match or fit in their new home. This doesn't even take into account the time the builder or designer spends "holding the buyer's hand." There ought to be a better way! Indeed there is, www.HomeBuilderShowroom.com.

A Chicago-area builder and his team will soon launch a new Home Builder Showroom "dot-com" service, designed to be a nexus for builders, designers, architects, tradesmen and buyers. It will make selecting interior design products easier.

Currently, these selections are made in a wide variety of ways, using different places and sources. These selections are also made at various price points, making the process tedious and frustrating. HomeBuilderShowroom.com will solve these problems by coordinating, consolidating and calculating item selection, while streamlining the builder/buyer relationship through online features.

HomeBuilderShowroom.com will enable individual builders to set up "cyber" showrooms where they can meet and make online product selections and recommendations to their customers.

HomeBuilderShowroom.com will create these online showrooms to promote the builder's own brand and make selecting 'standard' and 'upgrade' options easier for home buyers. Builders will be able to display their own palette of standard and optional products to buyers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each showroom will be hot linked to the builder's own web site so the buyer will never get the impression that he left his builder's care. We are the button on the builder's site that says "Click here to design your dream home"!

Consolidating the selection process benefits buyers and builders. Buyers can shop when they want, without running around visiting various stores and supply houses. They can easily communicate ideas and ask questions regarding their builder's choices online. Builders, architects, designers and other trade professionals will benefit by being able to offer larger and better product selections without having to update catalogs, add display space or increase their sales force. In setting up their virtual showrooms, builders will be able to upload their selection of suppliers, local vendors and subcontractors.

All a builder has to do is sign up and send us a brochure with a list of his standard features and options. We'll build him a customized showroom and/or develop a Home page that will manage every house sold. Since no two builders are alike, each builder's information will be kept confidential. "Our goal is to make home buying faster, easier, economical and a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved," said Bruce Fogelson, the Chicago builder/developer who is developing this new builder concept. These are just a few of the developments from his new type of development company, www.OLAllc.com.

A beta launch of this site including a group of builders and manufacturers is scheduled for late 2000.