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Dear Building Products Professional,

As one of the top building products manufacturers, I would like to introduce an innovative new approach to what builders and new homebuyers call "standards and extras selection". HomeBuilderShowroom.com introduces a web service where the builder and new homebuyers can select "Standards and Extras Online sm". This Builders On-Line Assistant has recieved a United States Patent - Patent No. US 7,076,455 B1.

HomeBuilderShowroom.com is an online showroom for each builder, remodeler, or contractor, architect, designer, realtor or real estate related professional and their home buyers to select from their own standards and upgrade products via the Internet. Web applications powered by HomeBuilderShowroom.com, will make it easy "Click here to design their dream home sm" from anyplace - home, office job site or showroom.

We make the process better for builders, buyers and the products they see and select. Our focus is on the unique builder and professional remodeler's product presentation. We display products in a quality showroom that reaches the decision makers and end-users at the point of selection. We organize selections in collections, combinations and room settings, not just by trade or craft. We provide click-through contact direct to manufacturers and their own online product display. These are just a few of the new tools powered by HomeBuilderShowroom.com.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to see and be seen on our system. HomeBuilderShowroom.com is a new venue for your products and a direct point-of-purchase opportunity to reach your customers and the end-users, the homeowner, in real-time and with feedback and pre-purchase order information on upcoming sales. Our system can cut down on your catalogue distribution, introduce new products faster and help move inventory with point-of-purchase sales. Our aftermarket service can help continue your relationship with the end-user and support your brand, sales and service.

Please feel free to contact me for more informatin. Ilook forward to hearing from you and hope to meet soon.

Yours truly,

Bruce Fogelson, CEO / Inventor c/o 2731 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60614