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HomeBuilderShowroom.com is a new way to help builders and their customers select "Standards and Extras Onlinesm." In addition to face to face meetings, builders and buyers will now have a 24-hour/7-day a week way to communicate.

The following is a brief description of how HomeBuilderShowroom.com works. You may also want to view our demo (available upon request) to view some screen shots showing the system in action. Since each builder or project is unique and confidential, actual screen shots will be different for each builder.

"So how does it work?" By using the power of the Internet, HomeBuilderShowroom.com creates a patented nexus that brings together the builder, buyer, vendors, and job site. This system is more than a simple informational web page or a virtual shopping cart.

HomeBuilderShowroom.com is an Application Service Provider (ASP). As a semi-custom service provider, each builder's page is designed to look and feel like his/her own showroom. Only that builder's "standards and extras" are seen. We also host the builder's information for each new home, buyer and prospective buyer. Buyers and prospects differ so the system will change with the changing status of the customer. For instance, selections can be sorted by timing, brand or room. The selections can also be listed with or without the builder's cost or pricing.

No one builder can design and support such a site, but all can benefit and share. The objective of each builders' site is to increase sales, improve efficiency and lower costs.

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HomeBuilderShowroom.com also offers contract and process solutioins. When it is time to order, the information can be printed as a contract change-order or purchase order to be emailed or faxed to vendors, sub-contractors or the builder's own job site.

HomeBuilderShowroom.com will offer other benefits including secure online credit card payment, links to manufacturer web sites, buyer budgeting information and online customer service. It is all designed to eliminate miscommunications and keep quality control of production and customer satesfaction.

The development of this system required extensive research and development, which included the use of focus groups that were composed of builders, sales agents, designers and architects. Some of the best new software and technology were crafted to make such a complex solution possible. HomeBuilderShowroom.com founder, Bruce Fogelson is the inventor of Builders On-Line Assistant which holds United States Patent No. 7,076,455 B1.