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HomebuilderShowroom.com is the place for customer service and communications to help with the selection and purchase of "Standards & Extras On-Linesm".

Selections: Tape Measure and blueprint HomebuilderShowroom.com allows you, the builder, designer, architect, contractor, vendor or consumer, to select your own set of standards and extras. Narrow the vast number of choices and helps focus on what they really want. You can present as many or as few choices as you'd like. You can also surf the Internet and select outside products to add to your choices.

Search: HomebuilderShowroom.com allows you to search and select products your own time and pace. View and coordinate choices by room, color, style or designer. Buyers can make their choices accessible to friends, family and Interior Designers, so they can collaberate and reconcile opinions among themselves. No more "I'll get back to you," or "Can I take that catalougue home for one night?" HomebuilderShowroom.com can help shorten the selection cycle and move through choices, decisions, contracts, communications and construction more quickly.

Reports: Jenn-air Kitchen HomebuilderShowroom.com's "output" includes printing spec. sheets, color photos and builder's pricing related contract information. HomebuilderShowroom.com prints the choices or final selections with detailed reports that include installation data, pricing, warranty information, and specifications. Reports are designed for the builder, buyer, vendors, and subcontractors. This eliminates miscommunications between those involved.

Sales & Service: HomebuilderShowroom.com offers expert help on everything, from ceiling fixtures to floor coverings. Our system and support services help make decisions online or by phone. Our priority is to help, boost sales, and better the buying and building experience. Upgrade suggestions and product showrooms are just some of our tools powered by HomebuilderShowroom.com